Thursday, October 24, 2013

Editing Pictures

I read quite a few blogs, and lately I've noticed that most of them have these perfect, edited pictures... I have to wonder why? I mean, yeah, professional-looking photos are cool and all, but when you're chronicling your life via blog, why does it all have to be perfect? Why not just capture the moment rather than trying to turn it into something else?

I don't edit my pictures. Ever. I may crop out the underwear in the background of a picture or choose not to use a picture where I have a double chin (it IS the internet after all, and we all know the internet never forgets), but I don't change the actual pictures. No filters, no color correction, no air brushing. When I look back at my blog later, I want to see things as they actually were. Not some glossy fake version of our reality. 

Clearly I'm alone in that desire.
Life's is my garage

1 comment:

  1. Not at all. All my pics are crappy iphone ones. Who has time to edit all that shit anyway?!


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