Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday's Letters

I haven't linked up to share Friday Letters in forever! It's long overdue.

Dear Fynn,
This whole climbing up onto bar stools when our backs are turned? Not cool. Yes, you're awfully clever and smart. I'll give you that...but seriously kid, you're going to be the death of me.

Love always,
Your mama... who's going to have a heart attack soon.

Dear students,

I love you, but I'm really glad today is a staff day. This teacher needs to get some stuff done in her classroom and not deal with 5th grade drama for a day. By Monday I should be in a much better mood and maybe you guys will have chilled out too.

Your exhausted teacher

Dear fellow drivers,

Yeah, I purposely get in the non-ending lane when two lanes merge. So when you attempt to go flying past the whole line of cars? It makes me a little ragey. I may or may not attempt to get my speed just fast enough so you can't get ahead of me, but just slow enough that you can't get between me and the car behind me. We waited our turns. You're an idiot.

The blonde mom who just screwed up your plans.

Dear town,

Hey, remember me? I'm the one whose lawn and driveway you screwed up when you put in a new culvert. Thanks so much for fixing the lawn... but I'm still waiting for you to fix the driveway. 15 feet of dirt is not going to go over well this winter... oh and that chunk of pavement you cut out down the road? You can fix that too.

The annoyed taxpayer whose money is clearly going to waste.


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