Friday, October 4, 2013

Is this how real writers feel?

I'm in a blogging slump. It comes every couple of months where I just don't know what to write or how to say what is on my mind. Usually it happens when I'm overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed. Oh, like right now? Weird.

I hate the slumps though because I feel like I should have something to say. Worse is when I have a million things to say, but it's just coming out...

Is this what real writers feel like? Those with deadlines and royalty checks and mouths to feed with their writing income? That would be even more stressful to have writer's block when writing is your actual job... I can't even imagine.
Oh well, I just have to ride this out. The one thing I like about blogging slumps is that once they're over, I just explode with ideas and write like a madwoman for a couple of weeks before settling back into my normal routine. I like that explosion of writing, it always feels good!

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1 comment:

  1. Love the Nick pic! I just came back from a break and I am already feeling slumpish. So frustrating! Especially when it seems that these other bloggers always have something to say.


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