Wednesday, October 23, 2013

So What Wednesday

Wednesday means the week is almost over... right? Regardless, Wednesday DOES mean I get to say So What if:

  •  I'm a major homebody... I actually crave being home at night. I hate when I have to stay late at work for meetings or if we have late appointments... even going out to the store at night frustrates me... I just want to be home!
  • I'm the biggest wuss about watching scary movies/tv... Drew and I went through a phase in high school where we watched just about every horror movie possible... it may have scarred me for life.
  • I feel the need to brag that I got all perfect grades in my first grad school class. The class ends officially today, but all my grades are in, and all of my work earned perfect scores. Man, that feels good.
  • I ate Lean Pockets for dinner last night... Drew made a really nice chicken and rice meal... but I hated it (sorry Drew). So not his fault, I just didn't like the flavors.
  • After eating said Lean Pockets I also had a Klondike bar. My name's Amanda, and I'm a junk food addict.

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