Wednesday, October 30, 2013

So What Wednesday

Wednesday... the half way point... man this week is long. Halloween week+kids at school=exhausted teacher. This week I'm saying "So What" if:

  • My students are exhausting this week. I get it, I get it, Halloween: woo hoo... now we still have to get our work done. 
  • when I see all the people my age getting all dolled up in their Halloween "costumes"... all I can think is how sad it is. Maybe that makes me a party pooper. But seriously? If you're 27 years old and still dressing up as a naughty-anything... I feel sad for you.
  • Fynn hates her Halloween costume. She's supposed to be a cute little monkey, but she won't wear the jacket part. Hopefully tomorrow night I can get her to wear the full costume long enough to get a few pictures
  • I'm hoping a few of my students will bring me candy on Friday. Some years it happens, others not so much... but I love me some Halloween candy :)
  • Today my second grad school class starts, and I'm excited. I had a week and a half off after my first one ended, and now I'm ready to get back to work #nerdalert

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