Monday, October 28, 2013

Some Fun

Disclaimer: I received both these products for free in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided.

I love getting to try out products and review them here. 1) I obviously love free stuff (hello? who doesn't?) and 2) I like sharing my experiences... kinda the whole point of this space.


Recently I got to try two fun new products: Flipeez and Pop Chef:

This hat is adorable. Flipeez comes in a couple of styles; a peekaboo monster, huggy monkey, twitchy kitty, and playful puppy. All are adorable hats and nice and warm. What makes them unique is that when you squeeze the little puff ball in the tassel they perform an action. Our cute little monkey throws his hands up in air. 

I love this hat... and it actually fits me (though it looks rather ridiculous  so there's no way I can wear it in public), but I wanted this for
Fynn. Unfortunately  Fynn's not so much a fan of it... or any hat really. She rips it off the second it touches her. It has nothing to do with the specific hat, just hats in general. This baby is in for a rude awakening when she realizes winter here means hats.

Pop Chef:

I didn't know what to expect when I heard about this one. It's a tool that pops out food in different shapes; hearts, stars, circles and more. It says you can use it on anything from bread to vegetables to create "show stopping food preparations in seconds".

It comes with the tool, a recipe book, and bamboo skewers to create layered effects. I tried it on bread, which worked okay, but I did have a hard time getting the bread out without mangling the shape. I'd be interested in trying it on fruit or vegetables to see if it works better with a firmer product... I just don't have any in the house right now... clearly we need to go grocery shopping. It doesn't seem like it is sturdy enough to manage raw vegetables, but it could surprise me. It's kind of a pain to clean, not too bad, but not as easy as an ordinary cookie cutter would be.

Overall this is a fun product, but I don't think little kids could enjoy it, too frustrating. If you're a decorative person and love making foods look as good as they taste, this could be great for you... just make sure you have extra food in case the first couple of attempts don't come out well. 

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