Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

  • Nothing melts my heart more then my husband, the man who hates reading, reading book after book to his little girl. I wish I had pictures, but if I take out my phone during this, he quickly ends it and pretends it never happened. That said, it's one of the cutest things ever. 
  • It also melts my heart when they do stuff like this together. Drew will pull into the driveway and she immediately wants to be up in the truck driving... clearly she's a daddy's girl
  • Unfortunately, I introduce Drew to snapchat this week... I'm pretty sure every meal he's eaten this week has been snapchatted to someone. 
  • I'm doing a crappy job of blogging this week. On Monday I borrowed the laptop from Drew to "do a quick post". That only took like 5 minutes so I decided to upload some pix to shutterfly. Well, that ended up taking almost 2 hours. Needless to day, Drew was peeved... so I don't even dare ask for the computer again this week, and blogging on the iPad is a pain... so. Yeah, sorry bout that. 
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  1. Snap chat is the best and worst thing ever - that being said, I love it

  2. I love it when husbands are extra super cute and don't want anyone to know :)

  3. I have no idea what snap chat is. I'm going to have to check it out.
    Stopping my from the linkup - Jenny

  4. Those sweet moments between daddy and baby are just the best thing ever! Oh and snapchat? Why couldn't I have invented that?! Seriously, it's awesome.

  5. Although this is going to make me seem super lame, I also don't know what SnapChat is???


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