Monday, October 7, 2013

What the heck did I do this weekend?

No really, what did I do?

I feel like it was Friday night and then I woke up and it was Monday morning... again. And in between that time I didn't get my grad school work done, I didn't clean my house, and I sure as heck didn't do any blogging. Where did the weekend go?

Saturday we were lazy bums in the morning. It was glorious. Fynn did a pretty good job entertaining herself which is always a nice reprieve. After her nap, Drew and Fynn shared an apple and then we headed out to do a few errands which involved taking Fynn to Payless for some new kicks. She needed a new pair of everyday shoes since her current ones were getting a little tight and smelled really bad from a summer full of sweaty toddler feet and no socks. 

Drew went to get a hair cut, so Fynn and I headed to the store. Let me tell you, if I had any doubts about that girl's shoe obsession, they ended when we walked through those doors. I set her down next to the baby shoes, and she was in heaven. She was looking at all the shoes and saying "shoes, shoes, shoes" over and over. She pulled out the cutest pair of red sequin Mary Janes. So not what we needed, but the look on her face was priceless. Even better was that she loved having me try shoes on her. I tried on a couple of pairs and ended up with these cuties:

Fynn loves them and keeps asking me to put them on her.

After our errands, we went to Drew's parents house to visit because his brother was up for the weekend. Fynn had to sport her Bruin's jersey since the B's were playing that night. Even with the skirt one, some guy at Kohl's asked how old "he" was. Seriously dude?

Sunday Drew went to do some work for a family friend (building shelves, reparing concrete... and some other stuff). So Fynn and I were on our own. My intention was to get school work/blog stuff done during her afternoon nap. So of course, she wouldn't take a nap! What a bum. I was annoyed to say the least. Drew and I decided to try a last minute date night, and luckily my mom was available to watch Fynn while we went out to eat. It was so nice not to put her to bed for a night, and I know my mom loved it too. By the time we got home she was out could... so of course I really wanted to go in and snuggle her. I didn't but it was sooo tempting.

We realized something when we were out to eat though... we eat way too fast. I'd love to blame it on scarfing down our food because the baby needs us, but to be honest, we've done this for longer then we've had her... it just didn't seem so sad before. We finally got out of the house, and ended up eating our whole meal in less than half an hour. Granted, the restaurant was really fast at getting our food out... but we were done our meal way too early. Anyone else do that? Or are we just super lame? 

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  1. It seems like life is always on such a fast pace that we don't know how to sit and relax when we should. My husband and I do the same thing. When we are out on a date, it almost seems like we are rushing to get home. I can see now why my parents always had a cup of coffee after dinner when my brother and I were younger. We would get anxious to leave, but my parents were just enjoying the time out. I need to learn that trick.


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