Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Why Should You Invest in Musical Education for Children?

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Often parents succumb to the status quo established by educational systems.  Why may we subject ourselves to the views of a few choice educators or administrators that value one learning method over another? For example, budget cuts strike the heart of arts programs, specifically music, in local schools.

Fighting for a musical education is essential in the world today. The majority of children remain stagnant in front of televisions, video games, and other mind debilitating activities that don’t promote the growth of their character, personality, or intellect. Don’t dwell in discouragement over the unfair budget cuts that remove chorus or band from your child’s elementary school. Instead change your perspective and see this unfortunate circumstance as an opportunity to redirect your child’s attention upon the right path.

Due to long hours at work or other responsibilities, parents aren’t always afforded the opportunity to fill their children’s lives with stimulating and positive activities. Musical education is the perfect route to stimulate your child’s interest and mind. Perhaps invest in these recommendations and take the unconventional path for musical learning.


Do you recall the day when you first purchased a Walkman? The days of musical resources and mobility have come a long way. Now the world is consumed with Ipods, Itunes, Youtube, Spotify, Pandora, and all countless technological innovations that surround our lives with music. Yet it’s hard enough prying the child’s attention away from television, online social media, and other detriments to their development.

Take a step back into history and maybe purchase a phonograph.. There’s nothing quite like listening to record play. It may not present optimal surround sound that blows you away and damages your ears, but the unique experience will transform the way your children listen to and appreciate music. In order to foster a musical influence within their lives, you must surround them with good music.

Musical Excursions

Family trips to concerts encourage your children to look closer at the skills of artists.  Live music empowers and moves people.  Concerts will make a profound impression upon your children. If they ignored that guitar you gave them last Christmas, maybe they’ll ask you for lessons after seeing a live guitar player. Live musicians are points of inspiration that media can’t replicate.

 As your children grow older and their interests in music increase, take them to coffee shops to open mic nights. This will give them a firsthand look up close at aspiring and passionate artists who love music.

Seek Alternative Teachers

Although you may not be musically inclined, this shouldn’t prevent your child from a musical education. Studies prove that children perform better in other subject areas when learning music.  It stimulates their minds.  There are countless amazing resources available in your local community.  Take advantage of the numerous teachers out there and see the best fit to educate your child on the basics of guitar, drums, or saxophone.

Provide them with a reward or end goal for each lesson. Instead of offering treats or gifts, reward them with a trip somewhere, an outdoor excursion to the local park, or a time spent with their friends playing sports.

Parents you must think about the unconventional ways to influence their lives with music. Well-rounded educations provide individuals with options, opportunities, and a wealth of knowledge that fills their life with curiosity and joy.

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  1. Billy starts music classes in a few weeks and I can't wait!! I'm looking forward to watching him learn and grow with music.


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