Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear parent at conferences the other night,

I get why you would feel like you should have executive power over whether your child does his/her homework. Technically you do, you can totally decide that your child just won't do it. Likewise I hope you understand when I hold your child accountable for not getting his/her homework done. Like all the other kids who don't do their work, your child will stay in for recess the next day to complete it. I know, I know, there must be special circumstances as to why your child shouldn't follow the same rules as all the other kids.


The mean teacher

Dear Fynn,

Why must you choose conference week to sleep worse than usual. 3 am Wednesday? Not exactly my planned wake up time. Weird, I know.

Your exhausted Mama

Dear class,

You've been amazing this week (so hoping I haven't jinxed next week by typing that). I don't know what's changed... but you're getting along so much better, behaving better, and actually fun to be around. Please keep it up!

Much love,
Trying not to get my hopes up

Dear Fynnie,

A couple of quick things. 1) Bows and baby ponytails are adorable. Can you please, please, please, leave them in!?! 2) Pretty sure Zoey doesn't need to drink out of your sippy cup #justsaying. and 3)The fact that you now laugh when you fart or burp concerns me... mostly because it means we laugh too much when you do those things. We should probably stop that.

That's all for now,

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