Friday, November 29, 2013

Fynn Lately: 16 Months

While I'm enjoying not feeling like I need to do the monthly update posts on Fynn, I do miss that time to sit down and think about what she's doing lately. I love having those posts to look back on, and I need to make sure I update more frequently about her.

It's crazy to me that she's already 16 months old. She keeps getting bigger and older and becoming this whole person. I'm blown away on a daily basis by the things she says and does. I'm also blown away by all that she sees and imitates. It's true what they say about your kids being your mirror, and it's making me be more careful about how I speak and act.

Here's what Fynn's been up to lately:

  • She loves saying "hi" and waving to people... as long as they aren't too close. Across the street? Sure, she'll wave and yell and be all outgoing. But if they say hi to her at the store? She'll cling to our legs, asked to be picked up and hide in our shoulders without uttering a word. 
  • Fynn also love Zoey... but she hasn't figured out how to be gentle with her. She'll grab onto Zoey in a big hug, and almost break her. Zoey is soooo patient and sweet with her, but there have been a couple of times when Zoey has given her a warning nip/growl. We scold Zoey about it, but I have to say I can't blame her... poor dog is probably seeing her life flash before her eyes in those moments.
  • Finally Fynn is growing hair. She was a little baldie up until about a year, but since then has grown some gorgeous blonde locks. She has a couple of big curls in the back and it's getting really long. Only in the back though. She has some hair in the front, and it's growing, but she very much still rocking the baby mullet.
  • Sleep. Sleep is soooo much better (I say as I knock on wood). For the past week she's slept through the night from about 7 pm to 6-7 the next morning. A couple of times she cries out at 3-4 am, but she is able to settle herself back to sleep within a few minutes. This type of sleep has been a long time coming, and I'm so grateful for it.
  • Part of why sleep may have gotten better is that we've stopped nursing. She cut down to 1-2 nursing sessions a day at the end of September, and then we just stopped. She asked for it a couple of times after, but wasn't really interested.
  • Fynn is talking up a storm. Mostly gibberish, but a lot of actual words sprinkled in. Right now she can say: mama, dada, fishes, yeah, no, hi, bye, up, mine, that, nanana (banana), truck (though it doesn't sound like truck!), sit (which also comes out sounding inappropriate). She also signs more. She also thinks she's signing please, but it's not the actual sign. If you tell her to say please, she'll frantically sign more. There's been a couple of times I swear she's said "I want that". 
  • The facial expressions. She can raise one eyebrow like Drew does, and it's hilarious to see her do it. She usually does it when she thinks you're saying something funny or if she's trying to tease.
  • If you ask her a question she doesn't know the answer to, like "where's Daddy?" she'll hold out her hands with the palms up and gibber like she's telling you she doesn't know
  • The climbing. She's always been a little monkey, but now she can get on our bed by herself and up on our (really tall) bar stools. It's scary because we'll turn around and she'll be up on something. She hasn't tried to climb out of the crib yet, but I know that's got to be coming soon. 
  • She's a major ham. She loves to be goofy and silly and get people to laugh. She'll put her bowl in her mouth or do something funny with her toys. We call her a ham all the time and she just laughs.


  1. She is such a cutie! My daughter didn't start really growing hair (at least in the front!) until she was around two, haha. She also has a lot to learn about being gentle with our dog. ;)

  2. Wow, I haven't been online in a while and this is the first I've seen of Fynn for a while. Amazing how fast she's grown! Erin and I were just talking yesterday about how quick Lily has grown too! I'm going to start feeling really old soon really fast! Hope you had a great thanksgiving!


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