Friday, November 1, 2013

Running is a struggle

Lately running has been hard.

I'm not talking about the actual running. Actually the physical part of running has been good for me. It's a constant challenge. A way for me to get out of my own head. I stress relief I find myself craving more and more.

But when the heck can I do it?

With oncoming winter comes shorter days. When I leave for work in the morning, the sun is just coming up. Most nights I get home around 4:30/5... it's starting to get dark out then! Leaving me little time to run. Last week I left work right at three and went for a run before picking Fynn up from daycare, but the days where I can do that are few. Most days after school are filled with meetings, paperwork, grading, etc. Weekends are great because I can usually have Drew watch Fynn for an hour while I run... but one good run a week is really not enough.

I've been struggling with it. Not running as much as I like and feeling frustrated. Paying for a gym membership seemed a little silly. We don't really have the money for it, and would I really use it? Time is such a precious commodity, I feel like I don't have time for anything anymore... finding the time to go to the gym, run, and get home seemed a little overwhelming. 

If you read my post yesterday, you know all about my ghetto home-gym. While it's not ideal, I think it will work. I have a space to run after Fynn goes to bed at night. I can get in my week day runs, and then go for a long outdoor run on the weekends. That treadmill may not look like much, but it works (at least for running, the time, speed, and distance counters don't work), and it's letting me do what I need to do, so right now I'm a happy girl.

Now it's time to get prepared for my next 5K in about 3 weeks!


  1. I love your ghetto home gym. I am actually in the process of making my own home gym. I can't stand running when it gets cold out or if its raining which seems to be everyday now. But I love to exercise, it makes me feel good. Good luck with your 5k!!

  2. I feel your pain with the daylight slowly going away as winter approaches! It's really become a deterrent for my runs, too. There just really isn't enough light in the day. Your home gym seems like a great solution, though! It will be good to get those treadmills runs during the week and a nice outdoor run on the weekend. I've been thinking about maybe doing a gym membership for the sake of needing to run during the week! Thanks for sharing your struggle--you aren't alone! :)


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