Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas with a Toddler

I wasn't sure how Christmas was going to go this year. I didn't know if Fynn would enjoy it, or even have any idea what was going on, or if she would spend all of the time melting down and being over tired.

However, as usual, this kid blew me away.

Christmas Eve morning we went to Drew's office to see Santa... Fynn was so not having that. She arched her back and screamed and really didn't want to be near him... I can't really blame her. A big fat guy with an itchy beard who wants you to sit on his lap... kinda sketchy. Once we got her away from him, she was fine. However, she was tired because she woke up early. She ended up taking a 2 1/2 hour nap that afternoon and woke up 20 minutes before we had to leave.

We drove to my aunt and uncle's house 40 minutes away to celebrate with my mom's side of the family... I was worried about this because the party started at 6... and Fynn's usually in bed by 7. Cue the perfect opportunity for meltdowns and tantrums. Fynn did great on the ride up, singing along to Christmas songs-Christmas Eve is the ONLY night of the year I can listen to Christmas music without wanting to scream.

Fynn was hilarious at my aunt and uncle's house, running around playing, commandeering a box, and stealing my cousin's bracelet before she even had a chance to fully open it (this kid is going to make a great pickpocket some day). We left at 9, she passed out in the car, and went right to bed when we got home... a pretty perfect night.

Later that night wasn't so perfect. At 4 am Zoey flipped out, ran around the house and disappeared. About this time Drew heard noises downstairs and saw a light on. Cue major panic and a bleary-eyed search of our house with a flashlight and shotgun in arms (don't worry, I had the flashlight). There was nothing there, but the adrenaline rush made it hard to go back to sleep. 

A few (very short) hours later, Fynn was up and ready to go. Her big gift was a tricycle which she LOVED and rode around the house. She loved opening presents as you can tell in the video below; she was clearly on a present-high- and sorry it's sideways... I can't seem to change the orientation:

We went to my parent's house and opened more presents, had breakfast with my family and watched Fynn dance along to Just Dance. Then we headed to Drew's parent's house for even more presents, dinner, and naps (for a couple of us).

Despite odd hours, chaos, and plenty of sugar, Fynn did awesome. She wasn't cranky (much), slept pretty well and had so much fun. It was amazing for me to see her enjoying Christmas and getting spoiled by all our loved ones. Spending the holiday with her made me enjoy Christmas again in a way I haven't since I was a kid myself. 


  1. I am glad you all had a Great Christmas, besides the 4 am scare.... It is so nice to hear that Fynn had a blast with presents and and in general celebrating Christmas.


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