Monday, December 2, 2013

The Christmas Parade

A friend that Drew works with told us about a parade that was going on last night, so we headed to the center of town for the Christmas parade. T, Drew's friend, lives right along the parade route, so we were able to stay nice and warm inside right until the parade got to us. 

I wasn't sure what Fynn would think, but she loved it. She was so excited by all the lights and fire trucks. Every time someone passed us she would wave and say hi. Even after the parade ended, she kept on waving to everyone who was near. We then walked to the park just around the corner to see the town tree lit up. There were some booths in the community center and the chance to see Santa (yeah, but there was no way we were standing in that line. We'll see Santa in Drew's office again like we did last year

We did get our picture taken in front of the tree. What do you think? Christmas card worthy? We also got our tree on Saturday. It's up and in it's place, but we haven't decorated it yet. We went and cut down our own tree, but we didn't take too long picking one out. Some years we stay at the tree farm and hang out, checking out all the trees, but it was just too cold this year! 


  1. I like the picture! I think the tree is amazing, and you all look happy! First time visitor, great blog!



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