Saturday, December 28, 2013

Top 10 Ways You Know You Have a Toddler

10. Floaties in your water cup don't phase you... it just means you didn't have to go get the toddler her own cup.

9. "Be Careful" Is the most commonly heard phrase in your home... you probably utter it a thousand times and hour as your heart skips a beat and your hair turns grey.

8. You secretly scarf down chocolates and other goodies in the other room/bathroom/closet because they're not good for her... or because you don't want to share

7. Using the bathroom by yourself is a luxury.

6. Smeared food on your clothing is par for the course... usually you don't even bother changing because in 10 minutes you'll be covered again

5.Running through your house is like running at a high school track meet with all the gates in place you have to hurdle over

4. It's not uncommon for your child to be dressed to the nines while you're sporting yoga pants, a sweatshirt and unwashed hair.

3. You find yourself mentally singing the theme song to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and The Notekins several times a day... even on days where you haven't watched either show.

2. Your meals revolve around 1 of 2 things; 1)scarfing food down as fast as you can before meltdown commences or 2) waiting to eat until 8 pm

1. You find yourself wishing it was naptime/bedtime already... and once she's in bed you miss her like crazy and just want to scoop her back up and snuggle. 


  1. Love this list! I totally agree with everything, especially #1! I always contemplate getting Reagan up so she can sleep in the bed with us because I miss her and then I'm like, wait- what am I thinking?!


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