Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Winter in Maine

The temperature on the way
to work one morning.
Watching Daddy plow
I'm not so much a fan of winter... especially winter in Maine. This winter has already been a tough one with bitterly cold temperatures and plenty of snow. I'm over it... seriously. I hate the cold, I'm not so much a fan of snow unless it means a day off from work and I do NOT like driving when it's icy out. Remind me again why I live in Maine? 

Winter walks
Enjoying the snow
I'm trying to enjoy it, and get Fynn outside often because she loves it. She loves the snow and the cold, and all the things I hate about winter in Maine. She's like her Daddy in that way. Drew loves winter. He loves to plow, be outside, and enjoy the weather. 

Staying bundled up

Snuggles to stay warm
Drew warned me that this was supposed to be a rough winter, but I was hoping he (and the Farmer's Almanac) were wrong about that. It's December 31st and I feel like winter has already lasted forever... I'm ready for summer!  


  1. Ug, just looking at that thermometer makes me cringe. There is a really good reason I stayed in Arizona to live!

  2. Oh wow! And I was complaining about Chicago's zero degree weather! I hope you have a Happy and WARM New Years!

  3. I feel the same way about snow and I live in Colorado! I could never leave this state, but damn do I hate the winters!


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