Monday, January 20, 2014

18 Months

I love looking back at the old updates posts I have written about Fynn. It's amazing to read about her old milestones or to see all the things she was doing at any given age. I think these are my favorite posts to re-read and especially to look at all the pictures.

  • Fynn is saying all kinds of new words and even a few phrases lately. I'm loving the fact that I can understand so much of what she's saying and wants. These are some of the new things she's saying:
    • "hish"- fish
    • "mok"- milk
    • "iwanmok"- I want milk
    • more
    • "yook"-look
    • "iwan"- I want
    • "that thu"- thank you
    • no touch
    • Happy "thew new"- new year
    • up
    • "s-hit"- sit
    • "druck"- truck
    • hat
    • she also signs please, thank you, and more.
  • She is obsessed with fish. Goldfish crackers are her favorite food, and she'll ask for "hish, hish" all day. She also loves to find fish in books. There's a book that has Flounder from The Little Mermaid in it, and every time we get to that page she gets super excited and points to the "hish".
  • This girl is a chocolate fiend. M&M's are her favs. Drew thinks it's hilarious and will hold one out and ask her to sit... she plops right down. We're thinking we should try to teach her lay down and roll over next
  • Fynn is still a little dancer, and loves some music. Right now her two favorite songs are "Timber" by Pitbull and Ke$ha and "What Does the Fox Say?" In fact, if you ask her what the fox says she will wiggle her shoulders and say "ni-ni-ni-ni". Too, too funny
  • This girl is just like her mama and loves shoes. She has some adorable black booties that she loves wearing all day every day, but she really loves to wear my shoes and even Drew's shoes.
  • Books are a favorite. Right now she loves reading The Foot Book, At the Zoo, Bubbles Bubbles, What Makes a Rainbow?, Red Fish Blue Fish, and Goodnight Princesses. She loves to grab books, bring them over to me, and then sit in my lap to have me read. I'm glad that she loves reading so much.
  • She LOVES, Loves, loves being the center of attention. She knows just how to ham it up to get people to laugh or interact with her. Sometimes she takes a little while to warm up if there are a lot of new faces around, but she ends up chatting away, giggling, dancing, and playing with everyone. 


  1. She's saying so many words now! It is so incredible when they really start talking and communicating!

  2. I love all the words! They grow up so fast! Adorable!
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