Friday, January 3, 2014

3 hour naps? Yes please!

Fynn's done better and better sleeping through the night and taking good naps the past couple of months. She doesn't always do great at daycare-I think it's too loud and she's too worried that she's going to miss out on something- but she's been doing great at home.

All during vacation, Fynn took 2, 3, even 3 1/2 hour naps. I was in Mommy Heaven. With that break during the day I could blog, work on school work, watch Netflix, even clean (haha... good joke). It was also refreshing to have that break... just as I was getting frustrated with her needing me every 2 seconds and/or attempting to give me a heart attack, I'd get a nice break. She would wake up in a great mood to a mom that was refreshed and ready to play. Win-Win.

I have no idea what changed, as far as I know our bedtime/naptime routine is the same, but something finally clicked and Fynn realized that she does enjoy sleep. She doesn't always love going down, she'll fuss for a bit, but then she's out and all is right with the world. 


  1. Now if I could only get my two preteen daughters to take those same naps during these long days of winter break, all would be right with the world! LOL I'm kidding- sort of. I'm ready to go back to school, and the kids are, too. They are bored and restless. I'm glad you are getting some time to yourself. It is important to recharge.

  2. SO JEALOUS! D only takes an hour nap. Sometimes I can get an hour and a half. Its crazy how nothing can change schedule wise but all of a sudden they sleep better/longer. Way to go Fynn!!

  3. Goodness, I wish I could take that kind of nap!!! That's awesome that she let you get other things done during the day. ;-)


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