Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Yesterday was Fynn’s 18 month checkup where we reaffirmed that she is indeed ridiculously tall and ridiculously smart. Sorry (I’m not sorry) to brag, but like every mom I think my kid is a genius. She blows me away with everything she can say and do. Her doctor was impressed that she can up 3 or 4 words together. I knew she was verbal for her age, but I didn’t actually think it was that impressive. She was a champ getting her shot and even handled the attempted blood draw pretty well. Yes, I said attempted. I guess she has tough veins and the phlebotomist couldn’t get one. I think Fynn was more upset about being held down than the needle shoved in her arm. The second we let her up she was fine and ready to play more. Drew’s off on Friday, so he’s going to try to take her again. Not going to lie, I’m not exactly disappointed to be missing out on that one.

Baby hair. What the heck? Fynn’s rocking some mad baby mullet which is adorably 80’s. However, lately the hair in the back is all straw-like and frizzy. We brush it, we’ve tried conditioner… not helping. Anyone have suggestions on how to tame this rat’s nest? Right now it looks like we’re bad parents who don’t wash her hair. We obviously have our parenting fails, but this baby gets a shower every other day.
The pups- finally relaxing
This week we’re dog-sitting for my inlaws. Want to hear how that’s going? Night one, within 10 minutes of getting home we cleaned up three pee spots and one deuce… This is going to be the best week ever!

And finally. Yesterday I got to work and as usual the stupid, obnoxious, lazy parents had their cars idling in the bus lane while they walk their kids in rather than parking like they’re supposed to. This is a daily occurance, and while it bothers me it’s not a huge deal. What was a huge deal was when I noticed a 3 year old sitting alone in the back seat of one of the running cars. Who leaves there kid like that? The distance between the bus lane and the front door of school takes at least 5 minutes to walk. When  I got there, I sat and waited for the parent to come back (I didn’t feel right just walking away, too many scary things can happen these days). I stood outside for 10 minutes before the kid’s mom came out. TEN MINUTES! Who knows how long she had been gone before I got that. Worse? The car was unlocked too. Unlocked, running, baby in the back seat. And the woman gives me a dirty look because I was standing there. Blows my mind.

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  1. The bus lane. After-school pick up. I cannot even handle some parents. It's all I can do not to go totally insane on them. Yes, please block everyone else while YOU wait for YOUR kid because no one else needs to move until you are all set! SO ANNOYING.

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