Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday Thoughts...all about school

  • I know as a teacher I should be all, boo snow days, but we had two snow days last week and a two-hour delay Monday... I loved every second of it... it was like the Christmas vacation that never ends. Amazing.
  • Of course that meant my kids were majorly still on vacation mode all day Monday. I was too, that day was basically a wash. We focused on getting back into school mode, that was pretty much it.
  • Since Tuesday we've been in major work mode though. I'm getting these kids in gear because there are 99 days left of school, and a lot to be learned.
  • I'm also getting a student teacher in my room next week, which both excites and scares me. This is my 6th year of teaching, but I still feel like a newbie most days... how am I supposed to teach someone else to be a teacher?!? I'm also a control freak, so letting someone else come in and gradually takes over my class scares the living daylights out of me... especially since I don't know him yet.
  • My 3rd grad school class started yesterday. This class is all about classroom motivation which I'm psyched about because I'm always looking for ways to get my students involved and interested in their learning.

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