Friday, February 21, 2014

Mommy Brag (sorrynotsorry)

Chatting away to her stuffie
I know every parent thinks their kids is special and amazing and the most genius child to ever grace the planet. So please forgive me while I brag about my special little snowflake :)

Fynn talks. A lot. Probably because her mom talks incessantly and the poor kid has to speak up just to get a moment away from my voice. Regardless, her verbal skills blow me out of the water. Her doctor said that look to see two-word "sentences" by 24 months of age. Fynn is currently saying 4-word sentences. Needless to say, her doctor was very impressed.

I'm impressed. Every couple of days or so, she suddenly says new words or sentences. Last weekend we were at my parent's house and she said "have a seat" to my sister. I don't even know how she learned that one. She has also said "I want that baby", "No, I want Daddy", "No, Mommy do that", "I want milk", "I don't want it" and probably other sentences that I can't think of. Notice that her sentences all have to do with wanting or not wanting something... the teen years are going to be rough, I can already feel it.

I listen to kids who are her age and even a little older and I can't help but compare them to her. I know I'm not supposed to do that, but I think it's just human instinct, especially when it comes to our babies. A lot of kids her age don't talk like she does. They don't put as many words together or speak as clearly. They don't know how to accurately express their wants and needs, but Fynn does.

That makes this Mama proud. Really proud. 


  1. That is awesome! R was a very late bloomer when it came to talking. She wasn't even really saying 2 word sentences when she turned 2 (last May) and then had a language explosion in the summer that was crazy. She fell behind again and recently had another explosion and is doing 4 word+ sentences. She might be behind but it's so crazy to watch!


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