Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Adventures

A lot of times on the weekend we're too tired and lame to be super fun. But sometimes, just sometimes, we get our act together and take this kid out for some adventures.

Last weekend we headed to the mall to buy Drew some work pants. I had heard about this new little play area they have set up there, so I wanted to take Fynn. They had the cutest play houses and Fynn had a blast. At first she was nervous and clung to my side. Then a little boy (I think he was 6) told her she couldn't come in the house he and his friend were playing in. I went all Mommy-zilla on him and told him he couldn't tell her that. His friend must have felt bad, because he invited her to play with them. Fynn then went and growled at him, and a game of monster ensued in which my toddler chased two older boys around the play area while growling. Hilarious.

After the play place we were headed home because Fynn was getting hungry. And hungry quickly leads to nap time. Then we walked by the Build A Bear store... and debated. Fynn has been obsessed with this stuffed dog for the last month. A stuffed dog that is actually a next massager. I don't love having her sleep with it, so we thought maybe we could replace it with a new fur friend. Fynn quickly fell in love with this golden retriever pup.
She was so excited while we stood in line to stuff him, but when the woman took him away to put the stuffing in she freaked out. The poor woman felt so bad. Once she got her dog back though, she was so happy. She brushed him and then had a death grip around him until the car ride home. The cashier just ripped the tag off of him rather than try to get Fynn to let go.

Sadly, this dog hasn't replaced the other stuffed dog... he's just been added to the crib at night. Right now we're up to 2 stuffed dogs, 2 baby dolls, a bear that plays music and an assortment of 3-6 blankets that HAVE to be in the crib in order for her to sleep. At daycare she has 3 stuffies and a blanket that have to go down for naptime.

I digress. After the puppy purchase we were trying to head home, but Fynn was starving so we stopped to get a smoothie to share. We've done this before and Fynn LOVED the strawberry smoothie. This time I didn't get to have much. She clung to that smoothie like it was the last food she's ever get. 

Then we got home, and she took a crappy nap, and was a grouch most of the afternoon. Luckily Drew's parents came over that night to babysit so that we could go out to dinner and a movie. Alone. Beyond amazing, especially after a rough afternoon of grouchy baby.

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