Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A freaking Leprechaun? You must be messing with me here.

Yesterday morning Drew and I were so proud of ourselves, we remembered to wear green for St. Patty's day. Go us! Of course, I then scoured Fynn's closet and discovered the only green clothing she owns is a too large and too thin for the 4 degree windchill of the day. So I got her dressed in non-green and hoped none of the kids at daycare would pinch her.

Then I got to school, and discovered there is this whole other element of St. Patty's day that I was unaware of: The leprechaun. I was inundated Monday morning with tales of the mischief and mayhem caused by said leprechaun. Kids were telling me about green milk, sparkly green footprints, messed up kitchens, and treasures of gold and candy.

For real?

"Dude, back off my green shake,
it's the least you can do for depriving
me of the freaking leprechaun."
When did St. Patrick's day become yet another holiday in which parents are expected to create a mystical, magical scene for the enjoyment of their children? Apparently the tooth fairy, Easter bunny, Santa Clause, and Elf on a Shelf aren't enough. No, no, no, now there's a little green man who is expected to make MORE of a mess of my house. Do I need to pin a billion creative ideas for how to bring the magic of the Irish to my child?

Yeah, that's not happening. Fynn got a Shamrock Shake... Drew and I drank half of it. Oh, and she wore green crocs while doing it. St. Patty's day- done.


  1. I feel the same way. Nathan was so disappointed that the leprechaun did not come to our house. I had no idea!

  2. Oh, I'm so glad my girls are past the age of expecting these types of magical days. It was fun while it lasted, but I couldn't imagine adding yet ANOTHER day of made-up fun. This is the first year I've heard of this leprechaun visit, but I have seen it EVERYWHERE!

  3. Leprechaun are supposed to come to your house? Is this going to be another present bringing holiday? We don't have a drop of Irish blood in us over here so I'm happy NOT celebrating it. I mean, I'm not grinch but turning food green and making glitter footprints? Nooooope!


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