Friday, March 7, 2014

Why did no one explain the true magic of the magic eraser?

Look at the difference there.
I've known and loved magic erasers for years, but the other night Drew and I discovered a new use for them that has us kicking ourselves for making our lives harder than they had to me. 

The other night Fynn was coloring on the floor and got some stray crayons on the tile. No big, I grabbed a magic eraser to clean it up and called it good. However, Drew grabbed it and halfheartedly swiped it on the grout. Holy mother of all that is holy, it was like night and day! Every time we clean the grout (which I'll admit is not nearly as often as we should) we take out harsh-smelling chemicals and whip out the elbow grease and a little brush to scrub for a couple of hours. What were we thinking?!? Now I'm wondering what other hard jobs could be made a bajillion times easier with something I already have in my house... the possibilities are endless.


  1. I love magic erasers! They really are magical!

  2. WHATTTT?! I need to try this asap. Our house has HORRIBLE dark grout from the previous owners. I wonder if they ever even mopped. I got a quote from a company (cuz it's THAT bad) and it would be over $600! Homeboys are crazy if they think I have that kind of cash just lying around ha


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