Wednesday, April 2, 2014

5 Weird Facts

  1. I love scalding hot showers. As in showers so hot my skin is red afterwards. I love to stand under the scorching water until it's almost painful... in fact I have to be really careful when I shower with Fynn because the water always feels freezing to me, even when it's getting too hot for her.
  2. When I'm sick, all I want to eat is Ramen. Drew even bout me "adult soup" when I was sick last week, but I stuck with my good old 11 cent sodium soup
  3. I can't stand milk that's anything but ice cold. If it's been sitting out for even 10 minutes I can't stand the thought of drinking it.
  4. I enjoy popping zits. This is a weird fascination that my sister and I share, but I just love getting the pus out. I find it sickly satisfying.
  5. I love scanning things at the store. Self check out? Yes please! I love the satisfying beep and just the feeling of scanning things

What's the weirdest fact about yourself?


  1. This is such a fun post! Love it. I love hot showers too!

  2. I love popping zits too! I pick my skin compulsively which is actually really bad, but man there's just nothing more satisfying! And I feel the same way you do about milk with water (I don't drink milk.) If water is anything but ice cold it gags me. That started during my pregnancy and never went away!


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