Wednesday, April 23, 2014

So What Wednesday

How is already Wednesday??? On a normal week I'd be psyched that we're halfway through the week, but it's vacation week, and we're already halfway through the week!

This week I'm saying "So What?"

  • If Fynn went to daycare today. Mommy needs a nice long run, time to get stuff done, and a break from being Mommy. Hey, it IS my vacation too... actually the main reason I sent her today was to go get an oil change and go to Target... exciting stuff, I know. 
  • I debated for .2 seconds yesterday about going into work this week to clean up my classroom and begin packing for the big move, and then dismissed the idea and settled in to watch an episode of Sophia the First with Fynn. #priorities
  • The only time I've changed out of my pj's/yoga pants this week was when I threw all them in the wash and wore sweat pants instead for 2 hours.
  • I still haven't finished cleaning up from our Easter get together on Sunday, I'd say I've been busy, but we all know that's just code for lazy.
  • I'm going to end my "So Whats" by telling you to go enter my giveaway for a McD's prize pack.

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