Wednesday, April 30, 2014

So What Wednesday

It's Wednesday, finally, and I'm missing last week's vacation like crazy. So this week I'm saying "So What?" if:

  • Most of the time when I participate in "So What Wednesday", Shannon doesn't and then I have no where to link up... yet I keep doing it anyway.
  • I'm already counting down how many days of school are left until summer vacation (FYI, it's 34 including today), but I would be super annoyed if my students were counting down too
  • Fynn gave me this awesome hug the other day. While I was snapping a picture I asked "are you giving Mommy a big hug" "no" she replied.
    "Are you strangling Mommy?" "Yup!"- I had to laugh, though part of me is scared about the monster I am raising
  • I was all proud of Drew for knowing what day Mother's Day is on this year... until he admitted that he only knew because he saw the grocery store ad that said the date on it. Fail Drew, you just lost yourself some major kudos there.

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