Monday, April 28, 2014

The important things in life

Sometimes I feel like a failure at this whole motherhood thing. There are things I wish I did differently or had the time/energy to do better, I'm far from the world's best mom; kid watches more tv then she should

...and eats plenty of junk food

...sometimes I lose my patience with her, and snap or say things I shouldn't

...I work full time, which means she's in daycare and there are days when I only get 3 hours of awake time with her

...I don't read to her every single day

... or take her on exciting excursions every weekend

But! There is one part of being this kid's mom that I've got down:

This kid is loved

She has parents who are both there for her. Who love her, shower affection on her, and have her best interests in mind. We're not perfect (by far) but when it comes down to it, at less then 2 she knows without a doubt that we love her unconditionally.

She has two sets of doting grandparents who would give her the world (and all the candy in it). 

Three uncles and one aunt who think she is the most amazing kid in the world (they're right). 

She has friends and other family members who adore and love on her every opportunity they get.

In short, this kid has people. People who she can depend on, people who love her even when she hasn't taken an nap and is a world-class crankers. People who will do and be anything that she needs no matter what. That is my success in parenting, and really it's what matters most. I'm getting better about not feeling as much mom-guilt, not letting what others do/don't do for their child make me feel inferior, because when I really think about it, she's got everything she could ever need.

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