Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Being able to run 4 miles does not mean you're in shape

I got cocky last weekend. Overly comfortable with my physical abilities and I overestimated myself. The conversation went something like this (obvs my inner dialogue is in pink):

Oh, Amanda, you're awesome. You can run 4 miles (at once!) and feel great afterwards. Clearly you're ready for a challenge. Why don't you pop in Jillian's Michael's Yoga Meltdown DVD? Even better, kick it up to level 2... you're in too good of shape to wuss around at level 1.

Awesome idea Amanda, let's do that!

Cue 40 minutes of sweating and grunting followed by about 20 minutes of feeling like a rockstar.

And then the 'ish hit the fan. 

Holy mother of all that is sore and painful. My entire body ached. Every muscle felt like it had been put through the ringer because, well, it had. If you know my homegirl JM, you know her workouts are no joke, and I tumbled through a level 2 workout because my crazy, running-obsessed brain thought that being able to run meant that I was somehow a decent athlete. 

Fail, Amanda, fail.

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