Monday, May 5, 2014

Into the Mud Challenge 2014

About a month ago I mentioned that Drew had signed me up for a mud run. Well, last Sunday was the day. Not going to lie, I've been freaking out about this for weeks. The actual run part didn't phase me, it's only 2.5 miles* BUT, it has obstacles, and those were what freaked me out. There were a total of 25 obstacles. The race's website mentioned mud pits, 10 foot walls and other "fun" challenges that made me incredibly nervous. 

Add to that nervousness the weather for the weekend. Saturday was in the 40's and rainy... Sunday was forecast to be just as cold, but luckily not rainy. Mud sounded gross enough, freezing cold mud? I was starting to have second thoughts. The three ladies on my team were messaging back and forth on Facebook with me Saturday dreading the cold and planning our outfits. There was no way I could back out, so I just decided I'd have to make the best of it and then spend the rest of the day in a scalding hot shower to make up for it. 

Of course, my team was in the 3rd wave of the run, so we had lots of time to watch others. This was both a good and a bad thing. It was good because we saw places were other people ate it or struggled and knew how to approach it... bad because, well, it gave us more time to freak out about what we were getting ourselves into. Our team got all dolled up for the race, so we looked ridiculous before we were covered in mud.

The actual race ended up being so hard, and so much fun, that I couldn't even think about what we were doing. There were muddy hills to climb, cargo nets, an ice bath, mud pits up to my waist and much, much more. Not going to lie, it was amazing. We were a great team, and went into it with the motto of "no man gets left behind". I loved that feeling of helping each other through obstacles and being there for each other. At the very end we all just held hands and dove into the foam finish line.

Running this race has fueled my running goals. Now I'm in a mode where I just want to do more 5k races, train for a 10k and find more fun runs like this to do, because it was just amazing! 

*holy crap, I never thought I'd be that person that could say only 2.5 miles. The thought of running a mile used to freak me out. In face in college I had to do 1.5 miles for a fitness class and thought I was going to die. Now I consider that a light, easy run. Finally all my hard work is paying off!


  1. That seems challenging. I might actually get the courage one day and sign up for one. They seem to be getting very popular, some even have themes. I like the battle (face) paint by the way.

  2. Congrats on finishing that! I can't even imagine doing that!


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