Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Social

1. What is your best summer memory as a kid?
My sister and I used to have lemonade stands with our next door neighbors all summer long. I think we made about $5 a summer, but we had a ton of fun and even created our own "business" to promote our stand.

2. What is your favorite summer drink?

My DD iced tea... yeah, I drink it year round, but I LOVE to have it in the summer. 

3. What is your favorite summer TV show?

4. What is the best outdoor summer activity?

The pool or the beach. Sun and water, the perfect combination. 

5. What are your summer vacation essentials?

A bathing suit, towel and a good book to read... oh yeah, and someone to watch the baby for me so I can enjoy it :) 


  1. I lived on a middle of nowhere dirt road so the only time I ever got to have a lemonade stand was when I visited my cousin in the cities. It was a blast.

  2. We had kool aid stands :) cute blog!

  3. My friend Shane who I went to college with was on Big Brother a few seasons ago.


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