Thursday, May 15, 2014

The overnight issue

Hi, my name's Amanda. I have an almost 2 year old, who's never spent the night away from me. 

I've had offers, oh have I had offers. My mom and Drew's mom have offered a bajillion and a half times each. Drew's friend from work who we run with has offered. Other random friends have offered.

But for some reason we I haven't pulled the trigger.

It started off innocently enough. I didn't feel comfortable having her spend the night somewhere while we were still nursing. It meant that she would have that comfort if she needed/wanted it, and I would end up pumping- which totally cancels out the relaxation of a night away from the baby. So we waited.

Once she weaned, I still didn't feel right about it, but of course I had a different reason. The kid doesn't sleep. I felt too guilty about depriving someone else of their sleep just so I could get some of my own. So we waited.

Then the offers stopped for awhile. I think people were just so tired of me coming up with excuses that they gave up. Well, that's about when I started to feel like I needed a night without her. 

Now she's 22 months old. Mommy need a good night's sleep. A night that doesn't include hearing her kick the side of her crib as she rolls over, yells for snuggles at 2 am or wakes up rearing to go for the day at 5:30. After 22 (+9) months of crappy sleep, I'm ready.

I just need to make a plan. And not over think it. 

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  1. It's not too bad. Lily has spent weeks away at a time mostly because we live so far away from both grandparents. When we went to Disney World she spent the week with my folks in and currently she's spending the week on a camping trip with Erin's. We also do weekend trips where we'll meet either my family or Erin's halfway and she'll sleep over their house for the weekend. It's good for her to get out and good for us to get a break.


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