Monday, May 26, 2014

The Pros and Cons of an (almost) 2 year old

Fynn's at an... interesting age. An age full of ups and downs. Of moments where she's driving me nuts quickly followed by a moment in which she melts my heart.

Pro: She can talk
A lot of the time Fynn can tell us what she wants or needs. She can't always say the words exactly, but she had enough words to communicate and help us understand. This reduces the guessing game followed by a flip out when we don't guess correctly.

Con: She can TALK
Alas, it also means that she goes on and on and I have to decipher the combination of English and baby talk. Since we can often figure it out, she expects us to figure it out. She also talk, and talks, and talks. I shouldn't be surprised, clearly she takes after me... but her incessant talking gets in the way of my incessant talking!

Pro: She's mobile
She no longer relies on me to get to point B. If she wants something she can go get it herself instead of yelling and pointing for it. It also means that she can do fun things like ride a bike or play in the yard. 

Con: She's mobile 
This also means that I can't put her on a blanket in the middle of the living room and assume she'll be there when I'm done getting a glass of water. The girl can move, and that means I'm often running around like a madwoman trying to keep an eye on her and get other things done at the same time. 

Pro: She can play by herself
It's a beautiful thing when she discovers that she can build a tower of blocks or color a picture by herself. While I love doing things with her, it's sometimes nice to have her entertain herself so I can do something productive or (more likely) be lazy.

Con: She usually doesn't

Pro: Toddler sleep
Some people may disagree with this one, but for us toddler sleep is a vast improvement over infant sleep. Fynn was up 1-7 times a night up until almost a year and took unpredictable and often short naps. These days she sleeps from 7-5:30/6 and will take a 3 hour nap at home. While getting up at 5:30 on the weekend sucks (for Drew, he's usually nice enough to let me sleep in), it's much better than being up all night

Con: Those nights she's up several times are even more painful now that I'm not used to them. 

Pro: She has a sense of humor
This kid has personality and know how to make jokes. She constantly has us cracking up with her antics and she LOVES being the center of attention.

Con: She can also flip her lid for no apparent reason
She can ask for milk and when I give it to her she busts out sobbing like I just handed her poison. She'll be fine and laughing and all of a sudden cross her arms and tell me "no Mama".

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