Thursday, May 8, 2014

The terrible two's are upon us

Serious question; how on earth do people handle more than one child? Especially when one of the is around 2?

All smiles
This baffles me, because this kid is a terror. Yeah, she's adorable, but don't let that cute face deceive you. Beneath the charming grin and infectious laugh lies a Jekyll and Hyde demon that will surely be the death of me.

We've embarked upon the temper-tantrum throwing, defiant, opinionated stage often known as the Terrible Two's. Now, I don't know if I should be appreciating the fact that by starting now, she's getting it out of her system, or worried that it's going to last for the foreseeable future. 

I've never been a patient person, so this really grinds on my nerves, but even Drew, who has put up with my crap for more then a decade is struggling to deal with this kindly. There are days where she just yells, throws fits, or gets upset all day, and it seems nothing we do can appease her. We put her in time out, and that usually calms her for a bit, but it doesn't fix the problem. Not going to lie, sometimes we yell at her. We feel awful after, but sometimes our frustration just gets the better of us. 

Then the pout
The worst is in public. Those times when she becomes "that kid" in stores or while out on a walk. It's mortifying to have people staring at us; some with annoyance, others with pity. I know I shouldn't care, but I just can't help it. Since having Fynn, I never judge a parent for what they do in public. Whether they're wrestling a screamer or bribing with candy; I know they're doing exactly what I do; whatever it takes to survive. 

Here's to hoping this phase is short-lived. Right now it's looking like Fynn is going to be an only child, because that thought of raising another kid like her is more than I can fathom. 


  1. Oh dear, my little boy is going to be two next month. He is great out in public so far but he has started throwing a little tantrum here and there at home sometimes. I'm hoping it doesn't get any worse haha. I keep hearing that 3's are worse than 2's...

  2. I probably shouldn't tell you this, as it is not incredibly encouraging, but I thought 3 was MUCH worse with both of my girls. I know the frustration now is from lack of verbal skills to really communicate the way children want to, but the mouthiness once the girls found their words was really hard to take. I hope the tantrums stop soon for you!

  3. Well all have "that child" at some time or another. I do most of the time, haha. Kids have it really rough before they really know how to communicate. So far 3 has been so much worse than 2 it's almost laughable. Treasure your time before she starts getting sassy! ;)


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