Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Blog life versus real life

This really has nothing to do with this post
Blogging is a strange hobby to have. I don't mean strange as in it's a weird thing to do, I mean strange in how public it is. Most hobbies are things you do in your living room or with a small group of friends. They're things that you mention in passing and no one thinks anything of it.

Writing a blog is different.

I literally put my life out there almost every day. I write about things that are personal, even if it's just what we did last weekend. I write about people I know (though I don't usually name names). I write about products I've been comped or reviews I've been paid for. In short; I put myself out there for public consumption (and possible ridicule) on a daily basis. Most of the time, that doesn't even phase me.

What does weird me out is thinking about all the people in my real life who could be reading my blog. Weird, right? 

I don't tell a lot of people about my blog. A few friends, 1-2 coworkers, my sister, and my BIL... but that's pretty much it. But who knows who they have told? Who knows which Facebook "friends" clicked over and started following during the 3 days I had my blog linked to my personal account. Who knows who has found me through Google or even other blogs that they follow?

And that is weird.

It's weird because these people don't talk about the fact that they read my blog. They don't leave comments or send me e-mails. They are lurkers; Blogosphere stalkers that read what I write and look at my pictures, but never mention doing so. It's weird because it's like Facebook stalking except on FB they have to be my friend first AND I can easily stalk them right back. It's one aspect of blogging that makes me feel uncomfortable; not knowing who in my real life reads.

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  1. It kind of freaks me out too to know there are people I know reading my blog but they just silently lurk, haha. Not that I haven't been guilty of that before. ;) I post about my blog entries on Facebook sometimes but not constantly, though I know people know about it. Then again, I post a bunch on Facebook anyway so it's basically like reading my blog anyway, hahaha.


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