Monday, June 30, 2014

First lobster of the summer

Drew put in his lobster posts a week and a half ago, and last weekend he took out his first catch. He has 4 traps (the max for a non-commercial lobster license is 5) and ended up with 6 keepers that day. We gave 3 to our neighbors, but Drew kept the other three. Drew is the only one in our family who eats lobster; I can't stand the texture and Fynn's never really tried it, however we all had a little fun with the experience.

Fynn loved chatting with the lobsters and "helping" out:

Zoey observed, and perhaps dreamed of partaking in some lobster

I set up an enthralling lobster race (watch out for the one on the right, he's scrappy.

Drew made me put them back in the pot though, he was worried about them boiling alive in the sun... notice the irony there?

A few minutes later Drew dropped them into the boiling water. Fynn was quite interested in watching Drew crack them open and continuing to talk to her new friends. 

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  1. I don't love seafood because good stuff is hard to come by in a land locked state but omg fresh lobsters sounds amazing!!!


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