Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Social

1. 4 favorite phone apps

Overdrive is my all-time favorite app. It's an app that allows you to download e-books and audio books from your local public library (as long as you have an account). Ever since I started using this app I've always had 2-3 great books to read, and they're always adding to their collection. 

 Google Drive is an app I just recently started using when my school district switched to it as our primary data storage place. Now I used it for school files AND I've started using it for my blog. My favorite is for sending pictures to my laptop from my phone. Ten times easier to do. I also love how I can share documents with others. I had a great video of my class that I wanted to share with parents, but the file was too big to e-mail. Sharing it on Google Drive was easy and the parents loved it. 
 TimeHop is another app I just started using after seeing a friend on Facebook that uses it. TimeHop uses your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, FourSquare, DropBox and iPhone pix to show you things you did on a particular day last year, the year before, etc. I love it because every day it shows me pictures or status updates from past years. It's really cool to see what I was doing on that day in the past... and embarrassing to see what I posted on Facebook 5 years ago... awkward.

2048 is a game one of my students showed me on a field trip to Boston. Most addicting game I've come across in years. I beat the first challenge; getting to the 2048 tile, but 4096 is eluding me right now. I love this game, but don't download the app unless you want to find yourself playing it 40 times a day. You can play online too, and I feel like that would be less addictive if you don't have it right at your fingers. 

2. 4 favorite Summer TV shows

 Orange is the New Black: I don't know if OITNB counts as a summer show, but since season 2 became available on Netflix just a week or so ago, I'm counting it. Drew and I are about halfway through, and I love it just as much as season 1. 

Under the Dome: Season 1 got sketchy towards the end, but I'm definitely tuning in when this starts up again. Hopefully it will be great again.

Big Brother: I've loved this show since season 1. The drama, the challenges, the backstabbing- always highly entertaining.

Rookie Blue: I'm so glad this show got picked up for another season, I love it and I can't wait to see what happens next! 

3. 4 things you would NEVER do

I'm a little weary about saying things I would NEVER do, as those claims always end up turning me into a hypocrite when I do them shortly after (especially when it comes to parenting). 

4. 4 items you carry with you no matter what

I don't even have 4 items I always have. 90% of the time I have my phone, but other than that I don't carry much. Obviously my keys if I'm out somewhere, and sometimes my wallet if I can actually find it... other then that, it's just me. I have a gorgeous purse that I only use about once a month or 2. 

5. 4 blogs we should follow
Ramblings of  Suburban Mom
Suri's Burn Book
STFU Parents
Loves of Life


  1. I LOVE the 2048 game and Overdrive! Overdrive has truly converted me to an e-book reader, as it is just so convenient. I still go to the library weekly, but I have found that I am getting more audio books to listen to on the way to work and less to read at other times because I LOVE having books available right on my phone!

  2. Hello!!
    I love that everyone is watching OITNB. I am almost done with season 1. I'm going to have to try Overdrive, I have to agree with Karen on the audio books. I have to commute to work, so it helps with the time.

  3. I have never heard of overdrive but I am downloading it now!
    I started watch under the dome and then my TV carrier quit showing it!! I forgot all about it! I will have to start watching it again! I thought the beginning was pretty good and it was being filmed in the town I lived in (at the time).

  4. 2048 drives me insane. I also play Super 2048 or something to that effect. The ultimate goal is to have a 4,194,304 tile. I'm only on 32,768 tile. Gives me something to do when I want to kill some time.


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