Thursday, July 3, 2014

1 freaked me out, 2 is no big deal.

I agonized for weeks about Fynn's 1st birthday. Not so much about her party (though I did stress about that too), but because my BABY was going to be a whole year old. Time was flying too fast and I just couldn't reconcile my mind with the idea of a one year old; it was too weird. 

Two though? Two isn't a big deal. Today Fynn is two, and while I still marvel about how time has flown by these past two years and by how much she has changed in that time; it doesn't seem strange that she's two. In fact, I've thought of her as being two, or "almost 2" for a couple of months now... having it be official just doesn't feel like a big deal.

Happy Birthday Miss Fynn!


  1. She looks so big! I love the little 2 year old mullet that girls sport when their hair starts to get long. Happy Birthday Fynn - hope you guys have an awesome day!


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