Tuesday, July 22, 2014

5 More Weird Facts About Me

1. I can't stand the feeling of chalk on my fingers. Thank goodness I started teaching after dry erase boards became prevalent. I would not have been able to handle writing on a chalkboard all day or having it on my hands all the time. I even hate when Fynn's playing with chalk and she hands it to me or wants me to color with her. Ugh. Makes my skin crawl.

2. I don't like when people touch the inside of my wrists. No idea why, but if someone touches there it makes me feel sick to my stomach and I want to cry.

3. I've blogged about this before, but I have double jointed freaky finger toes. Feel free to point and laugh. 

4. I would rather wash an entire sink full of nasty dishes than sweep or vacuum the floor. For some reason dishes don't bother me, but the broom and the vacuum do.

5. I actually like doing laundry. There's something satisfying about taking an armload of dirty, smelly clothes, and getting them clean and put away... doesn't hurt that it's 85% automated. 


  1. I hate chalk on my fingers too! I also hate the sound and feel of writing/ coloring with chalk. It just makes my skin crawl!


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