Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Am I not Turtley enough for the Turtle Club?

Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Pretty sure I'm 1 of like 5 people that watched Master of Disguise back in the day. Anyway, I've always loved that part of it and it fits perfectly with the awesome Turtlemeter from Ozeri

"Mom, open it up
so I can play!"
This is the coolest little gadget. It's a turtle toy, which Fynn loves, but it also is a water thermometer. It's meant for bath time to make sure the temperature is just right for little ones, but we of course used it for our kiddie pool. Fynn loved playing with it in the pool, and I loved checking the temperature of it to see if I was going to actually put my feet in it or if it was a "Mommy's going to watch from her chair" kind of pool day. 

The thermometer part actually lights up blue if the water is too cold, green if it's good to go, and red if it's too hot.It activates instantly when it's in water and updates the temperature constantly. I love the fact that it activates and shuts off on it's own. I often forget to turn things off and end up draining the batteries. Another thing I like is that the batteries are actually replaceable and just take 3 AAA batteries... no searching for some funky battery size to keep the thing going. 


  1. oh my gosh!!! i about jumped out of my seat when i read the title to this post! i LOVE master of disguise & say that quote ALL the time! and no one EVER knows what i'm talking about!!! lol


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