Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fynn at 2

Two year old Fynn is a bundle of crazy, happy, silly energy. I'm finding that staying at home with her this summer is giving me a completely different picture of this amazing little kid. Here's what she's up to these days:

  • Talking up a storm- with a mixture of English and jibberish, her mouth is going 24/7... I wonder where she got that trait from? She says so many new words; my favorites right now are lawnmower and "wuv oo" (love you). She also says more names then before, she says Gump (Drew's dad), Abby (my sister), Elise (her buddy), and sometimes Grammy. More and more sentences are coming out; her favorite is "I don't want". She's also more willing to try to say words now which is helping her to learn to say new things
  • She currently calls both chalk and coconut oil "coco".
  • Singing: A few weeks ago she just started making up nonsense songs. Most of it consists of sounds and noises, but occasionally there is an actual word throw in. It's hilarious because she will just trot down the street while we're walking Zoey and belt out these ridiculously adorable songs. 
  • Love her dog- this is nothing new, she's always loved on Zoey, but her love lately is a little rough on the dog. She wants to chase Zoey and lay on her hug her so hard it looks painful. Zoey's a trooper though, she loves her baby and puts up with all the abuse.
  • She is learning how to pedal her tricycle, but prefers to push it because she can go faster that way
  • Colors- she's been able to identify colors for a little while, like if I ask for the green block she can usually pass me the green one, but over the past month she's gotten much better at identifying correctly the majority of the time and saying several colors. Right now she says blue correctly 100% of the time, pink most of the time, green is pretty good, and once in awhile she'll say red. She knows what red is, but she has trouble saying it. 
  • Coloring. This girl loves to color. Whether it's crayons, markers, paint or chalk, she is a happy camper if she can just create.

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  1. What a sweet, adorable and funny little one you have :)


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