Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fynn's Birthday Weekend.

Fynn's birthday was on July 3rd, so with the holiday weekend she got several days of Birthday fun

Thursday (The actual birthday)

We had Drew's parents, my parents, and my brother and sister over for dinner and cake. Fynn and I went to the grocery store that morning to pick out her cake. She had so much fun looking at every last cake. She told me over and over that she wanted a blue cake... but then she picked out a pink one. Go figure. Totally the cake I would have picked out if I had been in charge of it. Then the lady who wrote Happy Birthday on the cake screwed it up by writing Happy 2th Birthday... yeah.

When Drew got home, we gave Fynn her present from us. Originally we bought her a Power Wheels F-150 AND Jeep (Craigslist deal: score!). But we realized that she's too little for the F-150, so we're saving that for later. The Jeep is a little old for her, but she had so much fun learning how to drive it and scaring the crap out of us when she got going. Then we did dinner, cake and gifts with the family. We didn't want to do anything huge, but we wanted to acknowledge her actual birthday.

Saturday was her birthday party. 

Again, we kept it pretty small: family and some friends. Little decorations. Decorate your own cupcakes. Low key. We had easy snacks and just enjoyed hanging out together and celebrating Fynn's birthday. I liked this so much better then last year's giant party. I got to spend the time with Fynn instead of visiting with people we hardly ever see and Fynn wasn't overwhelmed by all the people. 

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  1. I love the pics! Omg cracking up that the grocery store person wrote "2th", hahaha! That's so awesome you got her two powerwheels too! Reg got her Camaro for Christmas when she was 1 1/2 and she didn't start using it much until recently (she's 3 now.) They're so fun!


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