Monday, July 28, 2014

Our day on the farm

A local farm does an all-ages "Friday on the Farm" event that a woman from work told me about. 4 of us decided to go together (with our combined 7 kids). I could not have asked for a better activity to do with a two year old- or really any young kid that loves animals. 

We got to collect eggs from the chickens, visit with pigs, miniature horses, dwarf goats, and  milk cows. Fynn was in heaven. This girl is obsessed with animals. She loves watching them, petting them and feeding them. This place was all her dreams come true. For about a week after she kept telling Drew and me about "the babies". 

The farm does an awesome education piece, explaining the different animals, what they're used for, what they need to grow well, and they get the kids as involved as possible. Fynn was even allowed to collect eggs and put them in a basket (with my help, obviously). I love the focus on engaging the kids and letting them experience these animals. 

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