Monday, July 14, 2014

The New England Aquarium... with a 2 year old

In the gloriousness that was having Drew home on vacation last week, we decided (in our infinite wisdom) that a two hour trip down to Boston to the aquarium and back was a good idea.

It actually kinda was.

We left around 8, got there around 10, paid the exorbitant 24.95 for each adult to enter the overpriced fish tank arena (thank all that is holy that kids under 3 are free... Fynn will never again visit this place after the age of 3.). But then? Then Fynn was in heaven. This girl loves Fish. Big fish, little fish, blue fish, gray fish... the kid loves them all.

So we spent 2 1/2 hours basking in the type of excitement only a 2 year old with all her dreams fulfilled can muster. We giggled at penguins, gasped at the sharks and desperately tried to get closer to the glass our faces were already pressed up against.

Daddy and his girl,
checking out the boats
And then the excitement faded into "I'm hungry and need a freaking nap", so we ate a snack and headed back to the parking garage. Where we were ripped off a royal $36 for parking because the aquarium only validates parking at that garage for members... no one could have told us that BEFORE we parked there?

Despite paying out the wazoo for this day trip, I'm glad we went. Fynn had a blast, Drew and I had fun too, and it was nice to just get away for a day. We should do that more.

*Please note, I'm not in any of the pictures... the curse of being the photographer anywhere we go. Hint, hint, Drew. 


  1. Aww awesome! I love the NE Aquarium but you're right, it's soooo expensive to get in there now. We used to go all the time in college because you basically got in for free with your student ID card. Glad you guys had fun!

  2. Seriously why are Aquariums so darn expensive, it's ridiculous! Looks like ya'll had a good time though :)


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