Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

I haven't linked up for Thursday Thoughts in awhile, but I have some randomness that needed spilling and this is the perfect link up for it.

  • Why is it that little kids wake up when they're still tired, and refuse to go back to sleep? If I wake up too early I'm all *roll over, pass back out*. Fynn though will get up anyway and be a cranky beast for the entire day because of it. Worse, is that beast mode usually interferes with nap time, thus prolonging the agony of over-tired toddler. 
  • Watching Drew hang out with Fynn always manages to melt my heart no matter how annoyed I am with with either (or both) of them
  • I also have to brag, I went to one of those paint night events last week with a friend and I painted this awesome picture. Me, the one whose 5th graders laugh at her stick figure drawings year after year... yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself.
  • We randomly saw a Mama duck and her little babies under a neighbors bush the other day, so every time we walk by Fynn points and yells "duckies, I want the duckies!". They were pretty cute, but they're long gone now. 

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  1. Your painting is awesome! I have a co-worker who has done a couple of those, and I am always jealous of how well they turn out. I really need to go to one of those classes!


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