Monday, August 18, 2014

More animals with Fynn

In case you haven't noticed, Fynn loves animals. We've hit up every local farm I can think of in the past couple of weeks and she never gets tired of seeing more animals.

One we went to recently is a farm I used to visit all the time as a kid. They have a whole section for people to visit including multiple petting areas, tractors to climb on and wooden play equipment. Even better is that the farm also has a creamery, which means Fynn and I HAD to go get some ice cream after we were done checking out the animals.

My favorite part was the little tiny chicks. They have a hatchery where you can go see all the newborns and they were just so sweet. Fynn desperately wanted to hold them and got really upset that we couldn't. Not going to lie, I wanted to pick them up too!

I thought Fynn's favorite part was going to be the petting zoos since she had a blast a few weeks ago at the other farm we went to. She loved petting the goats and the cows, so I thought this would be the same. Unfortunately, I didn't anticipate how aggressive these goats were going to be. These ones get fed by the people who come in to pet, so as soon as we walked in, they started jumping on us and getting into our faces. Fynn freaked out of course, I was actually a little nervous too. 

We ended up visiting with the goats and sheep from outside of the pen. After a lot of coaxing I got Fynn to try to feed the goats, but she was pretty nervous and I don't think she really ended up enjoying it. She loved watching them, but she wanted to do it on her own terms. 

And then there was a slide. And ice cream. And the complete toddler exhaustion that leads to a 3 1/2 hour nap, which means a very happy Mommy. 

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