Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer Workout Plan: Week 7 and tracking this exercise journey with Ozeri

Thursday last week Fynn refused to nap, so I didn't get much of a workout in. We took a nice long walk together though, and I did Day 12 of the Butt Challenge (some of which while holding Fynn). 

Friday I did Focus T25 Alpha Speed 1.0 workout which was awesome. I expected it to be a lot of plyometrics (which I hate), but it was more well-rounded then that. I love the progression of moves in this workout serious because they do easier moves focusing on a muscle group and then get progressively harder before moving on to the next muscle group. I did have to do the modified moves in some parts, but over all this was a great workout for me. 

Over the weekend Drew and I did a TON of gardening. With all the squats, lunges, and bending over, I'm calling that my weekend workout. I was sweating after and my legs were aching like crazy. 

Monday I went to my dance class. I was the only one there this week! It was nice though because I got to work on some of the routine that I was having a hard time with, and my instructor is super nice so we ended up chatting the entire time. The hour went by REALLY fast.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was a slacker. I was working 8-3 Monday-Thursday and on Tues and Wed I just let the ball drop. By the time I left work, ran and ran some errands, it was time to get Fynn and go home to start  dinner. I was completely wiped by the time she went to bed. (Which is also why I didn't blog for most of the week) I need to work on making myself workout once she's in bed, because once school starts I know that's the only time I'll have to work out. 

Thursday Drew was kind enough to pick Fynn up after work, so I was able to go home and fit in a work out. I did Focus T25 again. This time I did the Total Body Circuit. I liked it for the most part, but it was heavy on the push ups. In fact I skipped the two burpee sections because my arms felt like they were going to fall off after. About 15 minutes after I finished my shoulder muscles were still twitching. 

Disclosure: I was received the below product for review purposes, no other compensation was received. 

Now, for the most part, I've tracked my Summer Workout Plan success by weight loss... by which standard it's kind of a failure. I haven't really lost weight, but I'm okay with that. I feel myself getting stronger, and I'm getting into better exercise habits. However, I now have a new way to track my progress. Ozeri sent me the Body Tape Measure and Body Fat Caliper Combo Pack to review. 

The tape measure is awesome and super easy to use. It pulls out just like any tape measure and the numbers are easy to read. The tape measure also locks in place which makes it easier to move it and read your measurements without losing your place. 

 I did have a little trouble the the body fat caliper. I had to read the instructions about 20 times to figure out what I was supposed to do, but I think I finally did it right and got an accurate reading. The kit comes with charts for both men and women that categorizes your body fat level

 It's a cool little kit to have to really track the changes in my body over time and much more accurate than going with weight alone. Hopefully I'll be able to compare my current measurements later on to see some changes in my body. 

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