Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer Workout Plan: Week 8

I think this week will be the last in my summer workout plan series. Next week we're hitting up the lake, and while I plan to be active, it probably won't be full workouts/runs and definitely not 5 days a week! After that, it's back to work where I know my workout routine has to change. No more nap times to fit in my workouts means I have to push through my end of the day fatigue and make myself exercise. But, I digress, not the point of this post. Here are my workouts from the past week:

Friday I meant to workout during naptime, but I fell asleep on the swing out on the deck and woke up two hours later when Drew came home from work early. So on Saturday I ventured further into the Focus T25 workout series and completed Alpha Ab Interval workout. I liked the workout a lot because it wasn't just crunches or typical ab moves. There were a lot of different motions and movements, so it didn't get boring or repetitive. I definitely felt it in my abs the next day!

Monday I went to dance class and got my butt kicked. We added a ton of counts to our routine and it's pretty intense. I love every second of it. 

Tuesday I did Focus T25 Alpha Lower Focus workout. I LOVE this one. It worked every muscle in my lower body and I ached like crazy after, but it just felt so good. Yeah, I'm weird.
"The Plan"

Wednesday I did the Focus T25 Cardio workout again. It was easier this time which is always reassuring. I really like this workout series. I may not be doing in religiously according to "the plan" that comes with it, but I'm liking the variety and how short they are. 

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