Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

The things that are on my mind this week (can you tell it's been an exhausting week)

  • Why do I sign up for optional summer trainings? Oh yea, I like extra money... except the one I'm doing today and tomorrow doesn't pay anything... I.Am.An.Idiot.
  • My mom is taking Fynn to her dance class this morning even though she knows Fynn has been a beast at dance all summer(clearly that idiot piece was inherited... I feel a little bad for her) 
  • We head to the lake Saturday morning...I can make it (oh, I hope I can make it) 
  • I still haven't finish my big final project for my class. Granted, it's not due until next Friday, but I had planned on finishing it before we left for the lake, so I wouldn't have to work on it there... clearly that's not happening. 
  • My plans to lose a bunch of weight this summer and be the ideal stay at home mommy? Epic fails all around. Go me. 

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