Monday, August 25, 2014

We're not the type of family that does surprise visits.

The other night Drew, Fynn, and I were walking the dog. As usual, as we walk by Fynn's friend E's house, Fynn started calling that she wanted to go play with E. Unfortunately E wasn't outside, so we continued by. All of a sudden E's dad yelled out the window "Hey, if you guys are bored, come on in and play!"

So we did.

We walked in, we hung out, the girls played, and it was no big deal.

Except to me. To me it was a big deal. Because we've never been that type of family. We've never been able to be that type of family. Not because we don't love guests and visiting with friends, we totally do, but because I would never dare let people we like come into our home if we haven't had at least an hour to clean. Not that I think houses need to be immaculate to have guests, especially friends, but even my closest friends should not see our house on a typical day.

We're the type of family where last night's dishes are next to the sink because I was too wiped out to wash them after finally getting the kid to bed. So those dishes are piled up next to the ones from the night before.

We're the type of family where the headrest to a carseat sits on on the kitchen table for two weeks because I just don't know where I want to store it. Next to it is the pack of gum I took out of my tote bag last week and a little Parmesan cheese from dinner tonight.

We're the type of family where toys are scattered, playdoh left open and "artwork"  left on the counter after the 2 year old proudly gifted it to her father.

We're the type of family where the counter is covered with tools from a recent project, unopened mail, and bug poison for the garden because we're not done with them, therefore they're left out.

We're the type of family where the floors clearly need to be mopped or vacuumed or somehow cleaned the majority of the time... even if it was actually just done yesterday.

We're the type of family where clothes, both clean and dirty, can be found in just about any room and where more clean laundry is in baskets then in dressers.

So, you see, we're not the type of family who can just randomly invite neighbors in for a spontaneous play day, a drink, or a snack. I'd love to say it's because we have a toddler, it's such a valid excuse, but Drew and I have been this type of family since we were married. Despite well-meaning promises and well-intentioned attempts, we just can't seem to manage to keep the house clean enough for guests to drop in unannounced.


  1. You and I have the same house haha. I miss the randomness of just dropping by someone's house though!

  2. We are the exact same way! Growing up my mom was very clean and her mom was absolutely immaculate. Every drawer in my grandma's house is perfectly organized. And I am a total slob. And I married an even bigger slob! But even though I'm messy as hell I never want anyone to come in my house unless it's completely spotless- which is never, so we never have people over! I'm trying to get better with being clean but damn it's a struggle! I don't know why it's so hard for me and so easy for someone like my mom!


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